الثلاثاء، 9 يوليو 2013

Process Lasso Available for Download

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Developer includes a couple of repairs and several improvementsEnlarge picture - Developer includes a couple of repairs and several improvements
The recent update for Process Lasso incremented the application’s build number to It brings to the table a few fixes and several changes designed for overall improvement and increased functionality.

Among the glitches addressed in Process Lass, some of them refer to the power profile dialog and the Energy Saver profile.

Furthermore, the developer made some changes to improve Energy Saver logging and disabled the logging of actions such as default launches and terminations of a process.

Additionally, the Energy Saver profile is no longer allowed to kick in when Governor running as a service because the idle time cannot be detected correctly.

The full list of modifications for this release and previous ones is available on this page.

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